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Muestra Celeste Alarcón Puebla / Exhibition in Corazón

Twelve/ a Project

The aim of this project is to research and start to create a theatre piece devoted to 12 main steps of Argentinean tango/Tango is a cultural phenomenon, we will make an attempt to put this phenomenon inside the structure. But even this structure will be dictated by the culture within this remarkable dance and its unlimited possibilities. There are many roads to take/would like to investigate the nature and roots of the dance and its connection with local culture and its traditions. Also we want to find the connection between movements of tango with appropriate stories of Argentinean writers of the 20th century. One of the goals of this work is the opportunity to establish a story line, to search for colors,sonds,image,emotions.I think this residency can give us the opportunity to begin the work on project, which certainly should start its life in Argentina/The main idea of the project is based on the Tango tradition. To examine a cross-cultural visual language, which it will be structured under the parameters of space, time, and being. Shape exists in space, rhythm exists in time, being exist in senses. Our goal is to experiment with a variety of possible devices and create a multi sensual environment, both visual and narrative. That can awake the spectator’s emotional, as much as intellectual awareness. Audience will be invited to experience a virtual journey by the use of their sensual sensors, time, and space. With this installation-performance in progress, the spectator will walk a path that will be designed and constructed subsequently to our intellectual and emotional reaction coming directly from our experience during the residency//Certainly, for both of us work on such material is completely new and we would like to structure it as far as possible from western clichés about tango. For this we will need your help and ability to participate with local artists. Espessialy because both of us are coming from very different cultural backgrounds;Russian and Greek//‘Twelve’ is the project which can not be called pure theatre; it will cover many areas of art. We should decide which will become a dominating one// Veronica Wigg & Michalis Kokkoliadis

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