miércoles, junio 08, 2016

Sean Bosman- ¿Entendiste? No, pero tranquilo- Artista en Residencia/ junio

Sean Bosman is a New Zealand based artist working across video, sound, language, installation and design. Through challenging conventions in film, sound and literature his practice aims to test their relevance against sculptural concerns of site specificity, process, narrative and “objectness.” 
Bosman’s work includes found poetry, translation, lyrical text and conversation. Woven in amongst those subjects are historically grounded artistic themes. Within the broad sphere of sound art he has focussed on exploring linear options for narrative in song-making, as opposed to the modular “verse/bridge/chorus,” as well as referencing conventions in soundtracking and jazz. This particular aspect of his research delves into the distinctions between process-based sound art and conventional song-writing. From this discourse he is able to create a link to traditions in film and language. Bosman’s interest is in treating all three areas as interdependent and reactive, working individually and in response to each other as a singular object. He aims to create responsive work that demonstrates sensitivity to the various, sometimes seemingly random, elements present. When engaged with devices which are inherently inclined toward a two dimensional space, Bosman attempts to display their sense of physicality. Image, text and sound are treated as materials to be bent, broken and manipulated within their physical, and conceptual, environments.
These concerns were manifested during his time at Residencia Corazón as works using poetry, short film, installation as well as collaborations in wordplay, and a publication with the artist and poet Filipe Barcelos De Faira. The new artworks on display tonight all serve as a game in mis-communication and as an exploration into the freedom that is to be found in being inarticulate. 
 Special thanks to contributing writers: Germán Krüger, Vanessa Preston, Cameron Ralston and Laura Vilapriñó.

Transformar la palabra, decodificar un mensaje. Cada forma de comunicación comienza con un sonido, una letra, que desprende enunciados en un mundo que se mueve.
Viajes en aviones de papel, un modelo virtual que propone instrucciones para desarmar los símbolos del lenguaje.
Traduciendo, se reproducen imágenes gráficas que, intensas, se arriesgan en orden y sentido desde la retina de un artista que resignifica.
Entre textos y capturas de pantalla, se incorporan las marcas que dejaron el paso de una ciudad ajena, las huellas de una nueva semántica.

                                                                                                Germán Kruger & Laura Vilapriñó (Curadores /Curators)