viernes, abril 11, 2008

Bife Americano

It is apparent that I am an outsider. I knew this when I arrived, and I was prepared to work in this realm. I am an artist from Miami, Florida, U.S.A. For me, Latino culture has always been something very close to home.
This idea comes in layers, in waves, in many forms, and from various places. In words spoken, in reoccurring images, in logos and mottos, advertisements that won’t leave your conscience.
My work here has focused on the premise of multiple readings. I am sifting through all things Argentine. Comparison has been my primary means of understanding
I look at one thing, and I see something else. Masks become transparent, concealed and subsequently exposed. Identity created or contrived.
I am becoming aware of the differences of culture in the Americas and indulging in the similarities. I am recording images in painting and drawing, photography and writing; Seeking the relationships that bind random occurrences or controlled events. I am looking at them with a subjective eye, for they are imbued with meaning only when we ascribe that meaning to them- convince each other that’s its really there. It’s a fabricated concept that I’m asking you to believe in.
Differences are often unspoken. And I’m finding that to appreciate them does not always necessitate analysis. Do not seek a resolution, there is only exploration.