viernes, marzo 03, 2017

Sarah French/ noviembre en Residencia Corazón

Art to Touch-Arte para Tocar or Visual Choreography-Coreografia Visual

The feeling you have to reach out and touch art. An action that is almost never allowed. I want to make art that’s calls to you and begs you to touch it. To have a relationship that isn’t distant but instead is physical. The feeling of doing something forbidden. Like a hidden love affair. I want you to touch the art. Feel the movements that I felt. Not only through vision but through action. To put your body through the motions that I put my body through. Feel the shapes and movements that’s were so organic for me in your own body. Try on my shapes. Try on my movements. It is a meeting dance, movement, painting, and sculpture. It is all about the body. The sensation of feeling. I want to evoke the viewer into touching the art. I want the viewer to feel the need that I do when I must clasp my hands behind my back at museums because what I want most in the world is to reach out and touch the paintings. I want the viewer to want to touch. I have laid out the visual choreography and now I present it to the viewer to perform. 

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