martes, junio 04, 2019

Maelenn Le Bret/ Itinerrance en Residencia Corazón

Sharing a poetic walk : Installation at Residencia Corazón
Mapping a constellation of words, images and drawings within Residencia Corazón's garden, I invited the spectators to wander through a poetic path which didn't have any precise direction. Immersed in the sound of the conversations and poems I had recorded,  the people could follow the itinerary they themselves chose, according to their own feelings and imagination. 
Since I consider that l'errance is a state of encounters and that "identity can be moved", I created some postcards out of the drawings I made on my skin and offered people to take one home in order to spread the wandering a bit further. Being part of a postcard which will travel on its own, I disseminate my identity and merge myself to the words that I will be put on. This collective voice is, for me, the language of subjectivity. 

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